VA Patients Forced Out of Nashville Hotel

VA Patients Forced Out of Nashville Hotel

CREATED Jan 14, 2014

By Jason Lamb

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – More than a dozen patients getting treatment at Nashville's VA hospital have a lot of questions about why they were suddenly asked to leave a Nashville hotel late last week, citing an unspecified "environmental concern" at the hotel.

Roy Bryson is one of those patients, recovering from a stem cell transplant, which he had done through the VA hospital. 

The hospital had put him up at the Guest House Inn and Suites near Vanderbilt while he recovered. 

On Friday night, the VA Tennessee Valley Healthcare System told him and the other VA patients at the hotel to move to another hotel immediately due to an "environmental concern" at the Guest House Inn.

Bryson wants the VA to be clearer about why they've had to move.  He worries that the environmental issue -- if it's something as serious as mold or a fungal infection – could have affected his recovery, or the recovery of the other VA patients who stayed at the hotel, especially because his immune system is still trying to recover from his medical procedure.

"They need to be right up front with us, tell us what the hazard is, how serious it is, and give assurance that people won't be put back in that environment," Bryson said.

The VA Tennessee Valley Healthcare System wouldn't go into specifics about what the environmental concern was because they say it's still being investigated, but it released a statement Monday saying: "We apologize to our Veterans who have been inconvenienced by changing locations. We pride ourselves on personalized, proactive, patient-driven care and will continue to work with them and their caregivers to ensure they are comfortable and have all necessary resources during their stay."

The Metro Health Department said the Guest House Inn and Suites was last inspected in October, and they have not had any complaints or requests to inspect the hotel since then.
Management at the Guest House Inn and Suites declined to comment on what prompted the VA to remove its patients from the hotel.

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