Billboard Aims To Generate Kidney Donation For Lebanon Man

Billboard Aims To Generate Kidney Donation For Lebanon Man

CREATED Jan 10, 2014

by Emily Luxen           

LEBANON, Tenn. -  A woman in Lebanon has taken drastic measures to save her husband's life.

A new billboard on the side of I-40 West heading into Nashville features Cindy Johnson's photo, phone number and a plea for someone to donate a kidney to her husband.

Cindy said it has been heartbreaking watching her husband of nearly 32 years go through dialysis three times a week.  Bobby Johnson is battling chronic kidney disease and is living with end stage renal failure.  After determining no one in their family was able to donate a kidney, Cindy and her sister Nancy Check, decided to take action.

"She called one day and said, ‘how about a billboard?'" said Cindy Johnson.  "Bobby was against it at first, but now he's ecstatic.  I think it is giving him a sense of hope."

After only two days, the billboard has already generated a few phone calls and multiple hits on the advertised website.

"People don't go around thinking, ‘I'll give a kidney,'" said Nancy Check, Cindy's sister.  "When they see something like this billboard I know it makes people think."

Cindy said a kidney transplant is the only option to help improve and extend Bobby's life.  She said his condition has left him tired and frustrated.

"There was one time we came home and he was so tired and exhausted he couldn't get out of the truck to come in the house," said Cindy.  "It breaks my heart.  It is hard to watch."

Cindy and Nancy hope the billboard will encourage people to donate a kidney to Bobby or the thousands of other people currently on transplant waiting lists.

"We all love him and he's a good person," said Cindy.  "It's hard to imagine him not being here."

For more information on how to donate a kidney to Bobby, you can call (615) 559-8450 or visit www.Bobbyskidney.com

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