Police Looking To Identify Madison Gun Theft Suspects

Police Looking To Identify Madison Gun Theft Suspects

CREATED Jan 10, 2014

MADISON, Tenn. – Police are looking to identify three suspects who stole nearly 50 guns from an area gun store.

Officials with the Nashville Police Department said three suspects stole 47 guns from the nRange gun store in Madison.

Detective Chris Cote said the burglars ignored expensive revolvers and headed to the semi-automatic pistols instead. From there, he said they went behind the counter and stole several rifles including AR-15s.

"They go directly to the pistol cabinet," he said. "One of the cabinets is loaded with revolvers. None of the revolvers were taken."

Detective Cote said the break in at nRange in Madison is the largest gun heist in two years. A list of the weapons stolen includes several brand names from Ruger pistols to Aero Precision AR-15s. He said he's hoping the thieves will try to sell one.

"If you're going to purchase a weapon from a private party call the Metro Police Department," he said. "Call the Madison Precinct. We'll be more than happy to check the serial number to verify it hasn't been stolen."

Police said they worry the weapons could fall into the wrong hands.

"Somebody out there has to know who has done this. That's a lot of guns," he said. "We're talking 43 weapons in the hands of people who should not have them."

The 43 weapons were estimated to be worth close to $50,000.