Rescued Geese Recovering At Walden's Puddle Rehab Facility

Rescued Geese Recovering At Walden's Puddle Rehab Facility

CREATED Jan 10, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Two geese rescued from the frozen surface of Centennial Park's Wataunga Lake have been recovering at a wildlife rehabilitation center.

The two geese were rescued Wednesday by a kayaker who guided his way onto the ice and freed the helpless geese. Officials with Walden's Puddle Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center said the geese are doing much better but are still recovering.

Bettina Bowers, the Animal Care Director of the center said the geese can no longer survive in the wild without help.

"These birds were just, they were just surviving out there," she said. "They're not in good body condition. Underneath all those fluffy feathers, they're very, very skinny geese."

She said they've grown accustomed to a safe environment with plenty of food thanks to park visitors.

"They're not wild animals, and they don't do well when they're just thrown out there and left to survive on their own," she said.

The non-profit group said it took in about 3500 animals in 2013.