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La Vergne Residents Asked To Conserve: Water Levels Too Low

La Vergne Residents Asked To Conserve: Water Levels Too Low

CREATED Jan 10, 2014

by Aundrea Cline-Thomas

LA VERGNE, Tenn. - Some cities across the mid-state are still recovering after the cold temperatures. In La Vergne, water levels are so low that city leaders are asking residents for their help.  

It's been a marathon for plumber Michael McGregor.

"(I) get a little sleep here and there," he said. "We've been at it pretty hard since about two o'clock Tuesday morning."

His employees with Michael's Plumbing Service continue to address the same problem. The call they responded to in La Vergne was no different.

"Here we have a busted line in the wall," McGregor explained. "And it busted probably when it was frozen and it thawed out and that's whenever they noticed the bust and then they gave us a call."

From busted pipes on one end of the spectrum to faucets left to drip to prevent it, water consumption is quickly increasing. One look at the water levels and city leaders knew they had a problem.

"Our objective level is about 80 percent between the Sanders and Sanford nob," Water Plant Chief Officer Thomas Champagne said. "Twenty-four hours ago it was right below 55 percent and at current it's at 31 percent."

So public works crews, like the plumbers are out fixing leaks. City crews are doing anything they can to help restore the system and are asking residents for their help.

"I'm not saying skip a shower," Champagne said, "but just be conservative."

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