Family Grieves, Says Flu Shot Could Have Prevent Girl's Death

Family Grieves, Says Flu Shot Could Have Prevent Girl's Death

CREATED Jan 10, 2014

by Adam Ghassemi

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The H1N1 virus has taken a deadly and heartbreaking turn, yet again. 

Tiffany Moore never dreamed she'd be having a conversation about her 11-year-old niece in the past tense.

"She was my baby girl," Moore said Thursday. "She was a ray of sunshine for me."

Savannah Hyden was a well-liked, highly involved 6th grader at Knox Doss Middle School in Hendersonville and all-around healthy kid.

"She didn't have to go to the doctor all the time. She didn't get colds. She didn't have allergies. She didn't have everyday illness," Moore said.

Late last week, Savannah started having symptoms of the flu. By Sunday, her father took her to the hospital. Yesterday, doctors told them the diagnosis.

"She had H1N1," Moore said.

A few hours later, the virus was just too much for her young body. It stopped her heart and just like that- it won.

"We're supposed to bury our grandparents. We're supposed to bury parents eventually. We're not supposed to bury babies," Moore sobbed.

Savannah never got a flu shot. Moore said Savannah's father, Steven Hayden, wants others to not make the same mistake.

"Please don't ignore it. If you haven't been vaccinated do your research and decide if you want to vaccinate your child. If you're sick go to the doctor right away please," she said.

Moore said Hyden's father and one-year-old little sister are recovering from the flu as well, but it's not clear if they have H1N1.

Grief counselors were on hand Thursday at Knox Doss Middle for students and faculty returning from winter break.

The family did not have insurance so they've setup a fund to cover her final medical bills. You can donate to the "Savannah Memorial Fund" at any Regions Bank branch.

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