Nashville's 'The Contributor' To Increase Production, Price

Nashville's 'The Contributor' To Increase Production, Price

CREATED Jan 9, 2014

by Todd Walker

NASHVILLE, Tenn -  Just a few months ago, "The Contributor," Nashville's street newspaper sold by the homeless, was financially doomed.

The paper was set to cease publication, but it now has a plan to keep printing and make its vendors more money.

Beginning in mid-April, the paper's price will double from $1 to $2.

Vendors said most people generally pay two dollars or more when buying a copy anyway.

The paper will also move to publishing once a week.  

Executive Director Tasha French Lemley said these changes came about after some donors stepped in. The donations helped fix the immediate financial issues and figure out how to keep the publication going in the long run.

"We learned that we've outgrown out business model," Lemley said. "So we're looking forward to making some bold changes. We're going to start publishing weekly in April to bring more money to our vendors and have additional product out there on the street."

The increase in price means the vendors will earn more.

Instead of 75 cents a paper, they'll take home $1.25. The vendors have to pay for all the papers they intend to sell up front. They get to keep whatever they make on the street.

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