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Better Business Bureau Warns of Misleading Senior Advertisement

Better Business Bureau Warns of Misleading Senior Advertisement

CREATED Jan 7, 2014

by Marcus Washington

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A newspaper ad targeting seniors has the Better Business Bureau sending out a warning to anyone trying to take advantage of the deal.

When an 83-year-old Brentwood woman picked up her Monday newspaper she noticed an advertisement that caught her attention.

"Seniors set to get easy to use cell phones free," said the senior. 

The woman said she wanted to remain anonymous and said she wanted to get this senior friendly cell phone for her 82-year-old husband. 

"You had to call in within 48 hours or if you called after that, it was going to cost $199 to get a phone," she explained.

She knew of the reported $97 activation fee, but the operator convinced her she also needed a warranty, car charger and of course the cost of shipping and handling, costing the senior $157.

Better Business Bureau President and CEO Kathleen Calligan said there are a couple of things misleading about this ad. Calligan said, it looks like a newspaper article; therefore, consumers could be more trusting of this, but she said if you look closely, you will see that what they are offering for free will unknowingly cost you."

"In this particular ad, I think we can sum it up by saying, what the headline giveth the small print taketh away," said Calligan 

She said this is not the first time they've responded to concerns dealing with this particular company.

"Many customer complaints with the Better Business Bureau and what are those complaints about? Plan and simple, consumers feel mislead," said Calligan.

She added while the name CompTek is different, the parent company, Brilliant Technologies, has an F rating with the BBB, "we had to go to CompTek, to Universal Commerce to Brilliant Technologies to track that company."

NewsChannel 5 reached out to CompTek, but did not hear back from the company.

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