Cold Weather Is Bad For Business

Cold Weather Is Bad For Business

CREATED Jan 6, 2014

By Chris Cannon

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - The sidewalks along Lower Broadway in downtown Nashville were nearly empty Monday night as frigid temperatures kept people from going out on the town.

Despite the cold, musicians still played inside Legend's Corner at 5th Avenue and Broadway, but to smaller than usual crowds.

"Probably by less than half, I would say, of what we are normally getting in here," said bartender Nicole Finan.

She had been behind the bar at Legend's since 10 a.m. and said customers did not really start coming in until later in the evening.

"There's a hunting convention going on down the street, so  that's helped us definitely bring some people in," Finan said.

There were a few people who did brave the cold temperatures. Many of them were visiting Nashville from places with much colder weather.

"It's warmer than Wisconsin. It is warmer than home, that's for sure. It's about negative 45," according to Jenna Schulz and her friends from Madison, Wis.

They only had one night left in Nashville, and they planned to make the best of it.

"We're going to Honky Tonk Central, and Winners over in Midtown. Anything we can do to keep warm, having a couple of brewskies," Schulz said.

In the Gulch, the cold weather caused parking valet Carson Brock to have a slow night on the job.

"Well, I've had one car so far. So it's a little slowed, compared to normal,' Brock, who works for PMC, said.

He stood inside Bar Louie when there were no cars to park, but when he ventured outside, he was ready to the arctic blast.

"I've got my Under Armour on, I've got my face mask I can wear. I've got my gloves and my hat. And if it's slow, you just kind of stand near the doorway and try to avoid the wind and all that," said Brock.

The weather caused many bar patrons to order drinks, different than the typical cold beer.

"They're glad to be inside, ordering coffee drinks and hot chocolate," Finan said.

Several businesses on Lower Broadway and in the Gulch closed Monday night due to the cold weather.

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