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Cold Temperatures Wreak Havoc on Automobiles

Cold Temperatures Wreak Havoc on Automobiles

CREATED Jan 6, 2014

By Jason Lamb

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – From dead car batteries to frozen fuel lines, the bitterly cold temps have wreaked havoc on drivers across middle Tennessee whose cars weren't quite ready for this arctic blast.

Roadside assistance crews were slammed with calls that started coming in as soon as people tried to turn on their cars Monday morning.

That's when they discovered their car needed a jumpstart, or a new car battery altogether.

Nashville Roadside Assistance is a private company that helps drivers with car problems.  Folks there say even the common, everyday problems like flat tires are harder to deal with in the cold.

Monday and Tuesday, roadside assistance companies say they expect to be running non-stop until warmer weather kicks back in.

"We just kind of keep busy especially with weather like this, it's pretty much in high demand in this type of weather," said Chad Cherry with Nashville Roadside Assistance.

A word of caution to Nashville drivers: when it comes to your car battery age counts. If your battery is over 4 years old then be on the look out for trouble if it sits out in the cold too long.

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