New Lead In Cold Case Of Analyce Guerra

New Lead In Cold Case Of Analyce Guerra

CREATED Jan 7, 2014

by Nick Beres

SMYRNA, Tenn. - A very cold case is warming up. Smyrna detectives are now pursuing a hot new lead in the mysterious murder of two-year-old Analyce Guerra.

The high-profile case made headlines back in 2006 when she first disappeared from her family's Smyrna apartment. Her family, friends and police searched for two years never giving up hope she might be found alive. 

In January, 2008, Analyce's remains were found on a Civil War battlefield in Rutherford County.  Detectives determined she was murdered.

"This one has special meaning to me," said Police Chief Kevin Arnold.

He works all cold cases equally hard, but said this one involving a child really hurt.

"This is a baby. This is a two-year-old child that someone took, damaged and then dumped as though she was a sack of garbage," said Arnold.

Analyce's family has since moved out of the area, but police have never given up on the case.

"There's a development in this case that we feel we might be able to track down," said Arnold.

He has already sent part of the case file to the district attorney for review. But more information is needed before an indictment can be sought against the unidentified suspect.

"I don't want to tip my hand too much," said Arnold, who declined to go into specifics. 

But, he said he has now assigned two new detectives to the cold case.

"Just a fresh set of eyes," said Arnold.

He hopes they can pick up where the others left off, build on the new lead, and finally bring whoever killed Analyce to justice.

The detectives plan to re-interview the 64 people who were originally interviewed when the child first disappeared. Their hope is the new lead in the case will give them a new line of questioning.

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