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  • 54 minutes ago

Dangerous 'Swatting' Prank Victim: ‘It's Not Funny’

A Murfreesboro man became the victim of an alarming new trend, known as “Swatting,” on Sunday morning after police nearly raided his house thinking someone had been killed inside.

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  • 52 minutes ago

Homeless Man Swept Away In Flash Flood; Lives To Tell Story

Gibson Creek trickled at a steady pace Tuesday but its serene state is very deceiving because when it rains, here it floods.

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  • 1 hour ago Video

32 Teens Escape Detention Center; 7 Still At Large

Police worked through the night to track down dozens of teenagers who escaped from a juvenile detention center in Davidson County.

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  • 24 minutes ago

How To Protect Yourself Syncing To 'The Cloud'

When you snap a photo do you really know where it goes?

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Video appears to show journalist Steven Sotloff being beheaded

Another American journalist may have met the same fate as James Foley.

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