• 20 minutes ago

Overturned Tractor Trailer Closes Briley Parkway At I-40

A collision involving an overturned tractor trailer has closed southbound lanes of Briley Parkway near Interstate 40.

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  • 1 hour ago Video UPDATE:

Witness Claims To Have Seen Alleged Video Featuring Bobo

A witness claimed in court to have seen a video featuring nursing student Holly Bobo after she disappeared. The claim was made during the hearing for one of two half-brothers arrested in connection with the case.

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  • 2 hours ago

Rutherford Co. Man Taken Into Custody After 6-Hour Standoff

A Rutherford County man has been taken into custody after a six hour standoff with authorities.

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  • 3 hours ago

Haslam Letter Baffles Immigrant Advocates

Immigrant advocates said they are baffled by a letter that Gov. Bill Haslam sent to President Barack Obama that said his administration should have been informed about the placement of 760 unaccompanied immigrant children in Tennessee.

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  • 51 minutes ago
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Study says almost 35% of Americans in debt collections

Hawaii tops the list of residents with most debt.

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