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Frank Caliendo, and friends, join Sports Central on Thursday night

Frank Caliendo, and friends, join Sports Central on Thursday night

By Matt Trebby. CREATED Aug 7, 2014

Frank Caliendo joined Sports Central on Thursday night, and he brought a few people with him.

Obviously, John Madden is probably very happy that Brett Favre is going to be honored by the Packers in 2015. Caliendo gave us an idea of what Madden is thinking about Favre nowadays.

"Here's the thing: Brett Favre is the kind of guy that everybody, when he's on your team, he's the guy that you wanted on your team because he's on your team," Caliendo, er, Madden explained.

Football season is approaching, which means Caliendo is going to be back on Sunday NFL Countdown on ESPN.

Caliendo said he's already working on Week 1's package, but admitted he isn't sure of what lies ahead of that.

"The first week is probably going to be multiple characters," Caliendo said, adding, "Then sprinkled throughout the season, probably once every two to three weeks, I'll be back doing the ESPN stuff. Working on trying to figure out who some of the new characters are going to be."

Some celebrities take well to someone with a fairly silly impression of them. Caliendo told Greg Matzek who have been the best sports.

"Gruden has really gotten into it, but Charles Barkley is the one who gets it the most," Caliendo said.

The whole interview features Morgan Freeman and more. Listen in the SoundCloud tool above.