Road to Big Apple: Packers' path to winning Super Bowl XLVIII

Packers LB Clay Matthews, QB Aaron Rodgers. Photo: Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Road to Big Apple: Packers' path to winning Super Bowl XLVIII

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Sep 4, 2013

We are days away from the dawn of the Green Bay Packers' 95th season, and their attempt to win their 14th NFL championship.

No road to the Lombardi Trophy is ever easy, and the Packers will have one of the hardest roads to travel - particularly in the first four weeks of the season.

Most prognostications have the Packers as a contender for the title, but most say they're not the favorite.  The 49ers (Green Bay's week 1 opponent) and Seahawks are running neck-and-neck for that prize among most publications.

However, there is definitely a path the Packers can take to winning it all in metropolitan New York City in February.

This path assumes, of course, a healthy Packers team for most of the season - something rare to find, and possibly the biggest key to winning it all.

Most championship teams don't do what the Packers did in 2010 - withstand record-breaking injury numbers and perservere to win it all.

The path we show you also has the Packers struggling early, but maturing and peaking just at the right time.

Scroll through the media gallery to see a slideshow revealing the path the Packers can take to winning Super Bowl XLVIII.

(By the way: many folks at Sports Illustrated agree with this path.)