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Letters from Curly Lambeau up for auction

Mary Jane Sorgel with Curly Lambeau Photo: Image by Mary Jane Sorgel

Letters from Curly Lambeau up for auction

By Cassandra Duvall and Jay Sorgi. CREATED Sep 8, 2013 - UPDATED: Sep 10, 2013

STURGEON BAY - An 80-year-old former Green Bay cheerleader wants football fans to have a chance to own a piece of Packers history.
"I've had these letters a long time," said Mary Jane Sorgel on 620WTMJ's "Wisconsin's Morning News."
She has put up for auction 24 handwritten letters to her from late Packers coach Curly Lambeau.
Sorgel explained that he got to know her family during the time he lived in Door County for half of every year, and in the other half, he would live in California and write letters.
"The relationship sort of grew.  He would stop at our house frequently, and especially if he knew I was having rehearsal," said Sorgel, who was a Packers cheerleader.
She said Lambeau had hoped to marry her.
"I thought about it.  I was brought up religious.  Curly had been married three times, and I was just a young girl, never married.  I thought about it," Sorgel told 620WTMJ.
"Probably, today, if somebody did that, it would be nothing, but back then, times were a lot different."
He died of a heart attack while mowing her father's lawn in 1965.
She has kept these letters for nearly 50 years before deciding to sell them.
"The first group, I'd thrown away.  I was thinking, 'Why should I throw those last letters out?' " asked Sorgel.

Each is worth an estimated $1,000, although some could go for more or less. One of particular interest is a letter in which Lambeau mentions a conversation he had with Vince Lombardi about the upcoming 1965 season.
The Associated Press contributedto this report.