Gameday preps in Titletown


Photo: Video by nbc26.com

Gameday preps in Titletown

By Raquel Lamal. CREATED Aug 8, 2013

GREEN BAY - Football season is literally right around the corner.  The first Packers preseason game of the year kicks off tomorrow night and businesses around Lambeau are scrambling to get ready.

Stages, tents and bands, there's lots of planning that goes into getting ready for a game at Lambeau Field.  Hotels and bars around the stadium are excited to kickoff football season, but they say preparation is the most important part.

Greg Malbon sets up a stage in front of Screamin Headbuzz bar and restaurant.

"It's usually like a 15 or 12 hour day," said Malbon, about preparing for game day.

Screamin Headbuzz general manager Rick Whipp, also putting in long hours before game time.  He says preparing for the crowds is a strategy.

"We'll set up food areas, drinking areas, our bathroom areas so that everybody can get in and out," said Whipp.

Making it easy for people to get in and out is crucial with thousands pouring into Lambeau.  The proof of that, the full hotels around the city.

"We've noticed it a little stronger this year just because of the additional 7,000 seats they added," said Aloft Hotel sales manager, Stacie Chrystel.

Larger crowds coming into Green Bay, boosting the economy.  At Aloft Hotel alone tomorrow night's game bringing in a little more than $20,000.  Football, a huge help for many businesses in the stadium district.

"When we get into the season going all the way through to a Super Bowl victory for the Green Bay Packers, it can be as much as half of our business," said Whipp.

Business that's a crucial part to the Green Bay economy.