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Bird meets cockpit crash caught on camera

Bird meets cockpit crash caught on camera

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Feb 24, 2014

Pilot Rob Weber has more than a decade of flying under his belt. However, a recent bird altercation was nothing like he'd ever encountered mid-air before, and it was all caught on a cockpit camera.

ABC Entertainment News|ABC Business News

Weber was just miles from landing his private plane in Ft. Myers Page Field in central Florida when a large bird flew into his windshield from the front of the plane. 

Above you'll see as his left-side windshield completely disappears on impact sending shards of glass everywhere mixed with bird feathers. Weber was flying at 170 miles per hour.

With a bloody head, Weber was able to take control of the shaking plane and land without a front windshield. Fire engines met him at the airport.

ABC News reports that in the United States, 9,000 birds are reported hit by planes every year. One of the most famous cases took place in 2009 when Capt. Chelsey "Sully" Sullenberger landed US Airways Flight 1549 safely into the Hudson River after a flock of geese damaged both engines. Since 1988, 250 people have died from these freak accidents.

Julianne Cassidy

Julianne Cassidy

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