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Cobb Welcomes Increased Workload

Cobb Welcomes Increased Workload

By Dan Koob. CREATED Oct 18, 2012

Being labeled a 'Jack of all trades' does not begin to describe what Randall Cobb is to the Packers.

"[The opponent] not knowing where he's gonna line up, if he's in the slot, backfield, motion, running screens or running the ball, I think it just puts the defense on the their heels," said Wide Receiver Jordy Nelson. "[It] makes them very base in what they do." 
"We love him here," added Quarterback Aaron Rodgers. "He adds a lot to our offense and we're going to continue to give him a lot of opportunities."
10 targets and his first career 100 yard receiving game against Houston, on top of Cobb's kick return duties, qualifies as ample opportunity.
"If you listen to my radio show you would have heard some lavish praise for Randall," said Rodgers, laughing. "It's not gonna be his last 100 yard game that's for sure. He's a big time player."
"I honestly didn't know I had a 100 yard game until we were on the way back [from Houston]," said Cobb. "The thing is, I think I left some things out there. I had two drops."
Cobb's play and attention to detail is being praised by others in the locker room and drawing parallels to another Packer wide-out.
"Greg Jennings when Greg came in," said Rodgers. "The mature route running skills. The fact he wasn't arrogant, you can tell he belonged."
As appreciative as Cobb is for the increased opportunities, the admiration of fellow Packers is enough for him.
"Any compliment you can get from your teammate or coaches goes above any award or anything you can get from outside your locker room."