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Saggy Pants Ban Struck Down

Saggy Pants Ban Struck Down

By Alex Hagan. CREATED Jul 15, 2013

GREEN BAY, WI- City leaders unanimously vote against a proposal tonight to ban saggy pants in downtown Green Bay. At  the protection and welfare committee meeting people speaking-out on an Alderman's proposed ordinance and why they think it's wrong and offensive.

Alderman Dave Boyce says saggy pants make the newly renovated downtown look bad.

"Most people find it offensive, when they have little kids, when they're in stores," says Boyce.

Others feel differently.

 "That's profiling so what gives you the right to actually judge me for what I wear as in typecast me as a criminal because my pants are too big," says Jeffrey House of Green Bay.

The proposal will now go before the full city council for a vote at their next meeting on July 30th.