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New Technology Enhances Learning for the Howard-Suamico School District

Raquel Lamal

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New Technology Enhances Learning for the Howard-Suamico School District

CREATED Aug. 13, 2013

 HOWARD, Wis.- Students in the Howard-Suamico district may have a few new things on their back to school list this year, trading in pens and paper for insurance policies on MacBooks and IPad.  Teachers met up at Forest Glen Elementary School to discuss this new style of learning and how it can be used in the classroom.

More than 1,000 IPad and at least 700 MacBooks have been purchased and will be ready to go for students in the Howard-Suamico school district this year.  It's all part of bringing technology into the classroom and bridging the gap between school and home.

An IPad talks as it illustrates a picture of how to figure out the area of a rectangle.  This is just one of the new teaching tools for fourth grade teachers at Forest Glen Elementary School.

"Having the technology at their disposal has always been just a dream for most schools and most teachers," said Forest Glen fourth grade teacher, Megan Zavernik.

The Howard-Suamico school district is distributing the technology to all schools.  IPads to the fourth, sixth and eighth graders and for the high school students, a MacBook Air laptop.

"We're just trying to find new ways to reach our learners," said Forest Glen Elementary school principal, Angela Sorenson.

This technology allows for a more interactive learning style for kids, letting them reach teachers at all hours of the day.

"Starting this year we're able to communicate with our students after they leave the walls of the classroom each day," said Zavernik.

Some parents may worry about their tech savvy kids playing games on these devices instead of paying attention in class, but don't worry, the teachers have a plan.

"There are apps for that, so we can make sure that we are locking students to where they need to be," said Zavernik.

Parents will have to pay an insurance fee either $35 for the IPad or $75 for the MacBook laptops in order for their kids to use these devices.  As a result of the insurance charge teachers have cut back on their school supply lists this year.