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Maribel Caves Hotel Crumbles in Severe Storm

Raquel Lamal

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Maribel Caves Hotel Crumbles in Severe Storm

CREATED Aug. 7, 2013

 MARIBEL, Wis.- It's a sad day for the city of Maribel as a popular landmark crumbled to the ground in last night's storm.  The Maribel Caves Hotel has been a famous tourist attraction for years, due to its rich history, but today people lined the streets to take what may be their last picture in front of the site.

The Maribel Caves Hotel has been a site to see in this area for more than a century and even after last night's storm damage it's still the center of attraction.

For Rita Kohlbeck, seeing the Maribel Caves Hotel in ruins is hard.

"It brings back bitter sweet thoughts," Kohlbeck said on the verge of tears.
Her great uncle built the hotel and her grandmother worked in the hotel in the early 1900's when it was first built.
"It was really quite a landmark in its day," said Kohlbeck.
The Maribel hotel served as a luxury spot, acting as a spa with its natural spring fed waters.  It's also housed renowned criminal Al Capone, but after last night's storm there's not much left to see.
"It's a big blow to this area, a big blow to this community and to see a landmark like this gone is really really a shock," said Chad Bolle of Two Rivers, he used to play in that hotel.  
People lined the sides of the road, baffled at what they see.
"I just can't believe it blew down,, it had to be one heck of a wind," said Steve Schmidtman of Maribel.
Many onlookers taking pictures, preserving what's left of the memories.
"This will be the last picture," said Kohlbeck.
It's a picture she says she will hang on to and teach others about the Maribel Caves Hotel.
People who live around the hotel site say they hope to see the Maribel Caves Hotel restored to its former beauty.