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Local Soldier Preparing to Testify in Ft. Hood Massacre Trial

NBC26 Staff

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Local Soldier Preparing to Testify in Ft. Hood Massacre Trial

CREATED Aug. 6, 2013

Random Lake, WI -- A local soldier wounded in the Fort Hood massacre will soon face the man accused of pulling the trigger.

"She's a wreck. Her emotions are high, low," said Lisa Pfunds.

Pfunds' daughter, Amber Bahr-Gadlin, is feeling a whirlwind of emotions. The Random Lake soldier has been ordered to testify in the military trial of Major Nidal Hasan. He's the man charged with killing 13 and wounding another 30 soldiers, including Bahr, during a mass shooting at Fort Hood back in 2009. 

"It needs to be done and put behind them, so they can start healing," said Pfunds.

The trial began Tuesday after being held up in court for nearly four years. Hasan fired his attorneys and will represent himself which means he will cross-examine Bahr-Gadlin.

Her mother says, "She's not nervous, she's not afraid of him at all. She's to the anger stage."

They're feelings triggered after years of delays. Just last year, Bahr-Gadlin was granted disability for her injuries. Now her mother says she prays for justice and a fresh start.

"I'm glad it's moving forward now, so she can start healing."

Hasan could face the death penalty by execution, if he's found guilty by the jury made up of 13 military members.