Traffic Problems for Labor Day Travelers


Photo: Video by nbc26.com

Traffic Problems for Labor Day Travelers

By Alex Hagan. CREATED Sep 2, 2013

 GREEN BAY, WI- It's just one reason why more patrols are on our roadways. Thousands making their way home in northeast Wisconsin causing bumper to bumper traffic and accidents. Tonight State Patrol stepping up their efforts to make sure roads are safe with some important words of caution. We've already had one deadly crash on Highway 41 this weekend, but State Patrol says today is one of the more dangerous times for travelers, especially with road construction.

"People sometimes aren't slowing down. The following distance that the vehicles are getting a lot closer and that's how a lot of the rear end crashes happen," says Colin Brown with the Wisconsin State Patrol.

State patrol also reminding drivers that anyone caught speeding in a construction zone like Highway 41 fines are doubled.