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Illinois Company Shows Interest in Kewaunee Power Plant


Photo: Video by nbc26.com

Illinois Company Shows Interest in Kewaunee Power Plant

By Megan Lowry. CREATED Jul 16, 2014
Hundreds of jobs were lost when the Kewaunee Nuclear Power Plant shutdown last year.
But now theirs is a glimmer of hope for those affected. A Chicago based company has shown interest in buying the plant. 
"It's clear there's some positive interest in getting this unit back up and started," said RGA Inc. President Robert Abboud. Abboud told NBC 26,  he hopes to buy the Kewaunee Power Station from Dominion Resources Inc. Abboud said the plant was well run and it seems wasteful to leave it empty or tear it down."We have no doubt that the plant is profitable," he added.
But Dominion Resources Media Spokesperson Mark Kunz says the company has not received a formal offer from RGA Inc. Kunz says for now the company is moving forward with decommissioning the plant. It has 60 years to dismantle equipment and return the land to it's natural state.
Town of Carlton  Chairman Dave Hardtke says he is in favor of the plant reopening. Hardtke says when the plant closed Carlton was hit hard. "Especially, on the economic side the Town of Carlton lost $350,000 a year in utility tax," said Hardtke.  Hardtke says he hopes that money will come back with the plant. "A lot of people gave up their farms and homes for that plant to be built,  just to tear it down when it had 20 years left on it's license, it's a shame," said Hardtke. 
RGA Inc. is holding a meeting on it's plan Thursday at 7pm at the Carlton Town Hall