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Consumer Experts Warn of Affordable Care Act Scams

Alex Hagan

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Consumer Experts Warn of Affordable Care Act Scams

CREATED Sep. 30, 2013

APPLETON, WI- People are now shopping for insurance with the new health care exchange. But local consumer experts say this is also a prime time for scammers looking for your personal information. Many people are confused about what exactly the Affordable Care Act means for them.

"A lot of confusion about what it covers and what it doesn't. What's there, what's not there," says Political Expert Michael Kraft.

Con-Artists use this opportunity as a way to lure people into a scam. There have been 300 complaints nationwide already of phone calls from impostors claiming to be from the Federal Government. 

"If you receive a text message or an email from somebody claiming to be from the government, just delete it, because it's probably a scam," says Susan Bach with the Better Business Bureau.

The Better Business Bureau also says don't let people fool you into charging a fee to navigate the website. People can help you with this for free.