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Clintonville Horses Evaluated, Owner Must Make Changes to Keep Animals

Mike Conroy

Clintonville Horses Evaluated, Owner Must Make Changes to Keep Animals

CREATED Sep. 11, 2013

CLINTONVILLE, Wis. -- The Waupaca County Sheriff's Department has outlined the conditions for the owner of horses in Clintonville to keep her animals. 

According to a news release, the owner, must follow these conditions issued on September 6th, in order to keep the horses on her property:

1.    1. The stallion horse identified as B.B., that is singled out from the rest of the horses, must be provided with appropriate shelter by natural or artificial means as to provide protection from direct sunlight and/or inclement weather as well as a separate water source that is not encumbered by electrical fencing.

2.   2. The palomino mare identified as Lady is to be housed separately from the rest of the herd. She is to be provided with appropriate shelter, as well as fed and watered separately following the feeding regimen as recommended by your veterinarian Dr.Peter Drehmann.

3.   3. The palomino stallion identified as Two Socks must be separated from the mares and provided with appropriate food, shelter and water.

      The news release also stated, after an inspection from a veterinarian from Portage County held Monday,  the animals owner had agreed to make the necessary changes to the horses diet and shelter conditions. The veterinarian determined the horses 'will be ok' if the owner applies to the Waupaca Sheriff's Department's latest abatement order.

T    The condition of the horses in question, located on Highway 45 just south of Clintonville caused several neighbors to filed complaints with the sheriff's department.  

N   Many of those neighbors have taken to social media as a last resort, to plead their case. They are posting pictures of what they say are abused animals.

      Waupaca County Deputies say "This case will continue to be monitored and the law followed and enforced as is appropriate under the circumstances."