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"Black Friday" for Animal Lovers

"Black Friday" for Animal Lovers

By Rhonda Spangler. CREATED Aug 1, 2014

 GREEN BAY, Wis. - It's "Black Friday at the Bay Area Humane Society.  This special day showcased many mostly black dogs,  kittens, and cats that are currently guests at the shelter.

Leaders say these animals are passed over for lighter colored animals. They say black animals are no different than any other animals.
"I am really excited because I do see the black animals sit day by day.  And obviously some do go but I think they need help, you know, a boost to get out of here,"  says Kelsey Deiter, with the Bay Area Humane Society.
To raise awareness of these black beauties, the Bay Area Humane Society is offering 50% off of the usual adoption fee.