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Billy Goat's Pub Food Stamp Fraud

Raquel Lamal

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Billy Goat's Pub Food Stamp Fraud

CREATED Aug. 29, 2013

 GREEN BAY, Wis.- Billy Goat's Pub under fire again despite being shut down, this time for food stamp fraud.  The owner and two employees are accused of buying Quest Cards and using the money for food for the bar.  They're facing felony charges.  Now police and state leaders are sending a warning to those who have Quest cards.

Food stamp fraud is a growing problem in our area, according to police.  They hope to use the Billy Goat's Pub incident to send a message that the illegal buying and selling of Quest cards will not be tolerated.

Mail piles up, but the doors stay closed as Billy Goat's Pub sits quiet on Broadway Street in downtown Green Bay.  The bar owner, Sue Long, was forced to turn over her liquor license after a large fight broke out outside her tavern earlier this month.   Now police say she and two of her bartenders were involved in food stamp fraud. 

"When we see these types of examples where the system is being defrauded, it really truly makes us sick," said Brown County executive, Troy Streckenbach.

According to the criminal complaint, Long and her two employees, "took the Quest cards from people and provided them with cash, purchasing food stamps for fifty percent cash value."  They then used the cards to buy things for the tavern like, "V8 juice, bags of limes and lemons, pizzas...and other condiments commonly used in a bar."

"When they overspent on a Quest card they were doing certain things, she was giving them drinks to offset that amount," said Captain Jeff Sanborn of the Brown County Sheriff's Department.

Police and county leaders warning that if you have a Quest card, don't abuse it or you could lose it.

"They can be prohibited from accessing the program for up to a year," said executive director of human services, Jeremy Kral.

It's a penalty to crackdown on people who abuse the system.  Police say in this case $621 was illegally spent on the Quest cards and the three suspects are cooperating with the investigation.