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Beefing Up School Security


Photo: Video by nbc26.com

Beefing Up School Security

By Raquel Lamal. CREATED Sep 3, 2013

 GREEN BAY, Wis.- Security is always a big concern for parents and teachers and this year schools are taking things a step further after last year's tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut.

Security cameras, keeping doors locked and new this year  one local school district is adding radios with a direct line to police cars.  They're all things schools are doing to keep students out of harms way.

Ashwaubenon school district superintendent Brian Hanes welcomes back students, that are locked out of school due to new safety procedures.

"Students buzz in and there are cameras at all the entrances just to add additional security at all of our sites," said Hanes.

Visitors and students can only be let in by a staff member or through the office.  Security locks are in place at Elementary schools in Appleton too, but that's not all.

"At each individual site we have a safety committee and so each school takes a really strong initiative in making sure that their individual site is as safe as possible," said assistant superintendent for the Appleton school district, Ben Vogel.

However in other schools, like New London they take it a step further.  The police department purchased hand held radios for that district with a direct line to squad cars already on the road.

New London police chief, Jeff Schlueter says, "As soon as each school hits a button it will show up on our radios in our squads along with the radio down here at the police department as to what school hit the button."

It's a move to make emergency response time quicker and schools safer.  New London also has a police officer patrolling the schools throughout the day, just as they would check on bars at night.