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State Rep. Wants Changes To Police Shooting Investigations

Brian Miller

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State Rep. Wants Changes To Police Shooting Investigations

CREATED Aug. 26, 2013

SISTER BAY-- A state lawmaker wants sweeping changes in the way officer-involved shootings are investigated. State Rep.Garey Bies (R) Sister Bay is set to introduce a bill that will require all officer involved shootings involving a death to be looked at by an outside agency.

Town of Menasha police Chief Rod McCants says his department already uses an outside agency to investigate police shootings. He says using the same policy statewide could help the community trust the process across the state. "I would like to think that the majority of the community do have trust in law enforcement and support law enforcement but you are always going to have those few of those  there that are always going to be hesitant  or suspicious  of an investigation  when its conducted by the host agency,” McCants said.

 Rep. Bies says after three person panel would investigate the officer involved shooting deaths. At least two members cannot represent the department being investigated. The others would likely be from the state's Department Of Criminal Investigations out of Madison.

Rep. Bies says he has been working on this bill for 9 months and says it's time to investigative all police shooting involving a death the same way.

Rep. Bies recommends a state wide protocol for police shooting deaths requiring an outside agency to investigate each case and then decide if the officer was justified in killing the victim. That decision would then been reviewed by a three person panel. Rep. Bies says many departments already use an outside agency to investigate shooting deaths, but he insists all departments all should have the same policy.