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School Voucher Students to Be Selected This Week.

Raquel Lamal

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School Voucher Students to Be Selected This Week.

CREATED Aug. 18, 2013

 APPLETON, Wis.-  This week names of children whose families have applied to be entered into the expanded private school voucher program will be randomly selected by the Department of Public Instruction, but some lawmakers are still at odds over the system.

This week names will be randomly drawn to determine which students get accepted into the voucher program and which ones don't.  Those opposed to the program say it shouldn't be random selection because they don't think the numbers are fair.

Empty hallways, soon to be filled with students, as schools prepare for the start of a new year.  Many parents with kids in public and private schools are waiting to find out if they made it into the voucher program.

"What  we're finding out now is what we thought would happen, is that the vouchers that are apparently going to be awarded to people are going to go to students who are already in private schools," said 57th assembly district democratic representative, Penny Bernard-Schaber.

According to a news release put out by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, 76% of the students who applied for vouchers did not attend a Wisconsin public school last year.

Supporters of the voucher program say that number isn't necessarily a bad thing for families with children who attend a private school.

'It really gives them greater security that they're children are going to be able to continue to stay at their school and that really, I think, is one of the keys to success," said 2nd assembly district republican representative, Andre Jacque.

More than 2,000 students and 45 private schools applied for vouchers, but just 25 schools were selected and only 500 students will get a voucher.

The selection will be completely random, determined by a computer.

Each of the schools in the voucher program will be awarded 10 seats guaranteed.  The remaining 250 names will be chosen by chance, meaning some schools may have more voucher students than others.