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Water Shut Off in Neenah


Photo: Video by nbc26.com

Water Shut Off in Neenah

By Raquel Lamal. CREATED Aug 5, 2013
NEENAH, Wis.- The city of Neenah is now shutting off water to 30 homes and businesses on the 500, 600 and 700 blocks of Commercial street, as the try to flush out bacteria from the pipes.  The cause of the contamination is still a mystery.
People in the affected neighborhood have been boiling their water for the past 8 days, so they don't get sick.  Today the city has shut off their water, forcing people to go elsewhere to bathe, clean and use the restroom.
"You don't realize how much you depend on your water,"said one of the people affected by the contaminated water, Brandon Boettcher.
His water is shut off until Wednesday.
"We have not found the source of the contamination," said Director of Neenah water utility, Kent Taylor.
Crews have been working around the clock to figure out what's in the water.
"we haven't take a day off since we initiated the boil water notice," said Taylor.
Homes with no water are receiving help today.  The Red Cross handed out water bottles to homeowners and the city fixed up Douglas Park, opening bathrooms and installing a water faucet.
"We're trying to accommodate the best that we can," said Taylor.
Accommodations Brandon Boettcher says he'll be using.
"It is right in the back yard so it's easily within walking distance," said Boettcher.
Water will remain off until Wednesday as the city chlorinates the waterline, but it could be longer if samples don't come back clean.
Neenah city leaders say no matter what the tests show they will likely keep a boil water notice in effect until the weekend.