Remodeling Leaves Elderly with Little Relief from Heat

Remodeling Leaves Elderly with Little Relief from Heat

By Raquel Lamal. CREATED Jul 18, 2013

OSHKOSH, Wis.- Court Tower in Oshkosh is under renovations that have knocked out the building's air conditioning during the hottest week of the year and now residents at this senior living center are having to sweat it out while they wait for the temperature outside to offer some relief.

Court Tower is a 14 story building that houses dozens of elderly residents and many of them are having to get creative with ways to stay cool during this heat wave.

Susan Zingshiem has been living at Court Tower for more than 24 years.  She says her neighbors just can't stop talking about how hot the building is.

"Oh a few I've heard say it's warm," said Zingshiem.

She is forced to take shade under a tree to stay cool, a place many find better than staying inside the apartment building, but owners say there is relief for those who need it.

"We set up 2 apartments that have already been vacated and brought back some of the abandoned air conditioners and placed those in those sleeves and those apartments are being kept open 24/7," said Brad Masterson.  Masterson is the executive director for Oshkosh Housing Authorities.

With roughly 75 people living there and many of them over age 50, two apartment units aren't enough.  So management has set up cooling centers.

"Head over to the library, senior center or to either of our buildings which are just a few blocks from Court Tower," said Masterson.

The two buildings Masterson has opened up are Marion Manner at 600 Marritt Avenue and Mainview Apartments at 530 North Main Street in Oshkosh.

Renovations are expected to be nearly complete by October, although construction crews will have the central air working in the hallways and public domains of the building hopefully by next week.