Skydive Adventure Owner Speaks About Deadly Jump

Skydive Adventure Owner Speaks About Deadly Jump

By Raquel Lamal. CREATED Jul 11, 2013

OMRO. Wis.- The owner of Skydive Adventure in Omro is speaking for the first time about a deadly accident during a tandem jump earlier this week.  55-year-old Paul Olsen died Tuesday after attempting a jump that owners of Skydive Adventure say he had completed thousands of times before.

When the storms started rolling in on Tuesday the owner of the sky diving business says they tried to call the jumpers back, warning them conditions were not safe.  That warning wasn't followed.

"That storm looked like it was coming faster than we thought it was," said Bill Hasenfus, the owner of Skydive Adventure in Omro.  He says Paul Olsen was an expert sky diver with over 5,000 jumps and he even owned his own business.

"He could do 10 or 12 tandems in one day and if there was a little break he would go up and do a fun jump," said Hasenfus.

Yet when the storms rolled in Hasenfus thought they should call off the jump.

"I actually radioed up to the airplane and told them to abort the jump," said Hasenfus.

However, Olsen felt he could do it, even though Hasenfus says he told them to land in Oshkosh because the weather had gotten bad at their landing spot in Omro.

Hasenfus said, "I drove over to Oshkosh to pick them up thinking Paul would still be in the airplane and the pilot said they jumped."

Hasenfus says the passenger who did the tandem jump with Olsen said everything was fine until they started swimming to shore.

"The passenger explained they landed in the lake together, they unbuckled, got out of the harness, started swimming to shore, but when he reached a weed bed he looked around and Paul wasn't there," recalled Hasenfus.

For the skydiving business owner all he can do now is wait for the police to conclude their investigation into what exactly went wrong.

To Hasenfus, Olsen was like family and will be greatly missed.  At Skydive Adventure, Hasenfus is continuing tandem jumps, he says that's the way Olsen would have wanted it.