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Boudoir Photography

NBC26 Staff

Boudoir Photography

CREATED Jul. 8, 2013

Appleton, WI -- There's a sexy, new photography trend that's sweeping Northeast Wisconsin. It's called boudoir, and it comes in all different forms from fun and flirty to fashionably elegant. But it's about more than stripping down and getting your picture taken.

Laurie Marie Sengenberger owns Elegant Xposures. While some may see her style as risque, she says it's all about improving women's self-esteem.
"I think every woman wants to feel like a supermodel or at least feel really great about themselves," said Sengenberger.
It's why she founded her Appleton company that specializes in boudoir photo sessions.
"I thought, what a great thing for women to do for themselves."
Boudoir sittings usually involve women getting their hair and makeup professionally done before being photographed typically in lingerie.
"It is more intimate, and you want to feel comfortable with who you're working with," said Sengenberger.
Boudoir sessions are totally private. To make sure her clients feel completely comfortable, Laurie Marie often photographs women inside their homes.
"We're going to do it at your comfort level. We're also going to let you know which way to look, which way to turn because I have girls tell me all the time, 'I don't know how to be sexy.'"
The photos are often taken to mark special occasions like an upcoming wedding or a milestone birthday. The boudoir trend has become so popular, photographers have noted a 50% increase in demand in the last five years. 
"Every time a woman walks in, usually she's a little nervous at first, but by the time she's all done, she's walking out with a little strut and just feeling really great."
And that's what Laurie Marie says makes her job so rewarding. She's helping women embrace their inner and outer beauty, no matter their shape or size.
"Any woman can do it, regardless of what she may or may not think her flaws are. I figure if I can help one woman at a time just feel beautiful about herself, then all the better."
Boudoir photography is not just for women. There are a number of photographers who specialize in couples boudoir or doudoir photography for men.
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