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Police in Marinette Investigate Reports of Suspicious Men

Cassandra Duvall

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Police in Marinette Investigate Reports of Suspicious Men

CREATED Jun. 21, 2013

MARINETTE, Wis. -- Two incidents in a Marinette neighborhood have police asking questions. 

On Wednesday evening, officers answered a call to the 900 block of Carney Blvd for a report of a suspicious man. According to a police report, a man knocked on the door of a home and asked a young boy if his sister was home. Police say the man asked for the girl by name.

He is described as 35-45 years old with short brown hair, wearing a blue shirt with a firefighter logo and blue jeans.

The second incident happened on Thursday in the 1500 block of Carney Blvd. Officers say a man was following a young boy. The report shows the boy running away with suspect leaving the scene in a blue pickup truck. 

That man was described to be in his late 20's to early 30's with brown hair. He was reportedly wearing a white sleeveless shirt and jeans.

“Obviously we want to identify who the person is and find out what was going on,” said Lt. Doug Erdmann, Marinette Police Dept. 

Police are not sure if the two incidents are connected.

“I would urge the public to use caution. Until we find out who it is, and what their intent was, I wouldn't jump to conclusions,” said Erdmann.