Cemetery Theft: Victim Turns to Police for Justice

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Photo: Video by nbc26.com

Cemetery Theft: Victim Turns to Police for Justice

By NBC26 Staff. CREATED May 29, 2013

MANITOWOC-- Randi Heyduk's wife died 4years ago from a sudden heart attack. He says having someone steal a hanging flower basket from beside her grave, hurts.  

“This is one of the ways we honor my wife, my daughter's mother, and somebody has to go and take it away from us," Heyduk said.

Heyduk’s daughter, 13-year-old Kaitie, got a text message about the theft, the second in two-years.

"Someone took the flowers again I literally dropped my phone and it nearly broke into pieces, I didn't care about my phone one bit I just cared about how my mom would have reacted if she was alive," Kaitie said.

Randi says he witnessed a man grab the flowers and drive off, so he followed.

"He drove like a madman; I don't want to put anybody else in danger so i just called the police department with his license plate."

Police investigated the claim and know who the suspect is. Investigators say he could face theft charges.