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Wardle to Keep Job as UWGB Coach

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Wardle to Keep Job as UWGB Coach

CREATED May. 24, 2013

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- An independent report into the conduct of UW Green Bay Basketball Coach Brian Wardle has been released. Joseph Nicks conducted the probe after the university received complaints from two former players against the coach.

According to a statement released Friday by UWGB, Wardle will keep his job as men's basketball coach. "It is clear from Mr. Nicks’ report that there is no evidence Coach Wardle, the coach’s staff, or others engaged in physical abuse at any time." Chancellor Tom Harden said in a released statement.

Wardle was accused of forcing a player to participate in a pre season drill while he was ill. Alleged verbal abuse, including vulgar and obscene language including a suggestion a player would improve if he had sex and preventing a student athlete from majoring in a pre-med track because it would interfere with basketball.

Click here to read the Wardle Report.

Chancellor Harden says UW Green Bay will take the following actions as a result of the report:

* Coach Wardle will be permitted to continue as head men’s basketball coach, but his contract will not be extended during 2013 (beyond his current contract ending date of 2017). Future extensions will be reviewed on an annual basis;

* Wardle used vulgar and obscene language directed at the players involved.  A disciplinary letter addressing Coach Wardle's use of vulgar and obscene language and his suggestion that a player have sex will be placed in his personnel file;

* Coach Wardle will be assigned an adviser for the 2013-14 season, with the goal of improving some of the ways in which he motivates student athletes;

* Coach Wardle will be required to be more involved in University-wide activities in the future, to better understand the broader University environment.

Click here to read the statement from UWGB.

Brian Wardle issued a statement as details of the report were released. "I have done a tremendous amount of reflection and self-examination over the past several months that will help me improve as a coach. I am confident that our players are in a healthy environment where they can reach their
academic and athletic potential."

Click here to read Coach Wardle's Statement

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