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Man Survives Bear Attack in Marinette County

Alex Hagan

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Man Survives Bear Attack in Marinette County

CREATED May. 16, 2013

MARINETTE, Wis.- A Green Bay man is home from the hospital after being mauled by a black bear.

The attack happened yesterday afternoon in the town of Silver Cliff in Marinette County.

Today the victim is talking about the frightening encounter outside his cabin.

Gerre Ninnemann has been going to his Silver Cliff cabin for more than 20 years. He has seen many bears while hiking the trails up there, but he has never had one actually attack him. 
"You never know what's going to come walking over that hill."
That's how Gerre Ninnemann feels now at his Silver Cliff cabin after a black bear came over that hill attacking his dog. 
Ninneman was attacked by the bear after trying to save his dog.
"The bear didn't leave it stayed here for over and hour circling the cabin looking in the windows."
The bear bit him on his neck, his ear and his back. 
"He worked me over pretty good," says Ninnemann.
While trapped inside a deputy arrived at the cabin and shot the bear. 
"Bears are pretty secretive and pretty shy," says John Huff of the DNR.
Now the DNR says  that a bear attack is a very rare occurence, however they still say that people need to be cautious.
"Just kind of keeping your cabin area clean of food will reduce the attractiveness to bears," says Huff.
Ninneman, still pondering why a bear would act that way says he's  going to make some changes to where he keeps his firearms and where he goes 
"From now on when i take walks on the trails around here, i'm going to start carrying a sidearm," says Ninnemann.
And keep an eye out for whatever's out there.
The DNR has transferred the bear down to Madison for some health testing to find out why it acted so aggressively.