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Renewed Hope for Missing Person Cases

Jonathon Gregg

Renewed Hope for Missing Person Cases

CREATED May. 7, 2013

Grand Chute-- The story of three women in Ohio rescued after a decade of being held captive is inspiring people like Jay Breyer. Breyer founded the advocacy group "Mission Home," in the 1990's after his niece was kidnapped and killed. He helps families of missing persons get connected with the resources they need.

The rescue in Oho is evidence, Breyer says, that families of unsolved missing person cases can still have hope for finding a loved one. Regarding Amanda Berry, one of the missing Ohio women Breyer said, "For ten years, no matter how she was coerced or how she was threatened, she knew that moment will come, where she can get safe and get away."

In 1995, at the age of 13, Jessyca Mullenberg of Stevens Point was kidnapped and held captive by a family friend for three months. 17 years later, Mullenberg is speaking on behalf of survivors, like the women saved in Ohio. "As hard as that is to do, everyday you just have to do it and never lose hope," Mullenberg said.