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Oshkosh Police Unveil Results of Drug Investigation

Alex Hagan

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Oshkosh Police Unveil Results of Drug Investigation

CREATED Mar. 27, 2013

Oshkosh, Wis.-- A four-month drug investigation leads to three arrests in Oshkosh.  Three men are facing various drug charges after being arrested march 13th on the city's west side. The Oshkosh Police Department and Lake Winnebago drug task forces confiscated $128,000 worth of drugs, Including heroin, cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy and oxycodone. 

Authorities are calling this the largest single drug siezure in the city of Oshkosh in terms of quantity and street value.  

"People who are taking these drugs, it's not just affecting their lives, it's affecting the lives of their families and also their neighborhoods," says  Brad Dunlap of the Lake Winnebago Area Metropolitan Enforcement Group.

Just four months ago, a drug task force was formed to prevent just that.  There was a total of 27 heroin overdoses reported in 2012.  Oshkosh Chief of Police Scott Greuel says that's  "a significant contributing factor to the rise in certain violent crimes ocurring in our community."

The drug investigation that took four months led to the arrest of these three men for significant drug trafficking in the city of Oshkosh and other surrounding communities. The task force confiscated several drugs including 6 grams of heroin, 28 ounces of cocaine and 57 pounds of marijuana.  

"We're taking a much tougher stance with those individuals, in particular the dealers," says Winnebago County District Attorney Christian Gossett.    

Kenneth Hearns lives just below one of those men and was there during the bust. He says it was very unexpected.  "You look out the door and they got the big automatic guns and pointing, it was scary," says Hearns.

Law enforcement say this is the first step in their mission to reduce the number of deaths and overdoses of illegal drugs.  

"This case is just really a great example of all four levels of drug enforcement working together to a successful conclusion," says Dunlap.    

A conclusion that police say could reduce crime in northeast wisconsin. The task force has identified more than 50 different customers that all three individuals were trafficking to.  some have not been identified and that part of the investigation will continue.