Guilty Plea Entered in 1990 Sexual Assault Case

Glendon C. Gouker Photo: Image by Wisconsin Department of Justice

Guilty Plea Entered in 1990 Sexual Assault Case

By Mike Conroy. CREATED Mar 8, 2013

MADISON, Wis. -- The state department of justice reports Glendon Gouker has entered a guilty plea to sexual assault in connection with a cold case from 1990.

According to the criminal complaint, Gouker forcefully took a 20 year old woman to a Waupaca County park and had sexual contact with her against her will.

The crime was discovered during a joint cold case task force investigation into a double homicide that occurred in 1992. Gouker is identified as a person of interest in that case.

DNA evidence discovered by the Wisconsin State Crime Lab in 2011, lead to the sexual assault charges against Gouker. He is currently in a Oklahoma jail on charges in that state. Sentencing will be scheduled for a later date.