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Walker Touts Budget in Appleton

Walker Touts Budget in Appleton

By Brian Miller. CREATED Feb 21, 2013

APPLETON-- The day after delivering a speech on his new two year budget proposal, Gov. Scott Walker visited Miller Manufacturing in Appleton to talk about it. 

As Gov. Walker turns his focus to job creation, he's taking questions from workers about the mining bill income tax cuts and changes to education,. Including expanding private school vouchers. He's also focused on training workers. 

"Particularly in key skill clusters like manufacturing, like health care like information technology there's some real gaps in terms of employers being able to find enough skilled workers," Gov. Walker said.

To help fill that so-called skills gap, the budget calls for $100 million dollars of new investment toward workforce development.

19-year-old Cameron Jones is among 70% of the students enrolled in the machine tool program at Fox Valley Technical College who are working in the field.        

"When you get out of this program you can go right to a job an immediately start contributing  to society," Jones said.

While Democrats criticize the governor's budget for not doing enough for the middle class, the governor insists he's working to limit dependence on the government. 

The budget is still about 4 months away from moving on to the state assembly for debate.