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Officers and Kids Join Forces

Jennifer Dodd

Officers and Kids Join Forces

CREATED Feb. 5, 2013


Eight year-old Malith isn't shy, but focused, well, that's not easy for any 3rd grade. 
That's why keeping young minds engage and little feet busy is so important, and that's just what 
Joel Nichols with the Oshkosh Police Department had in mind when he launched the program, Play Time Means No Time for Crime. 
The goal, among other things, is to teach kids how to use fitness as an outlet. 
"It keeps them out of trouble. They remain active. Most of the time when kids get bored they try to find something else to do, and usually it may be getting in trouble," 
Nichols said. 
The program started two years ago with one school, now Nichols and two deputies with the Winnebago County Sheriff's Office are in nearly 20 schools. 
"We're trying to bring a positive community partnership with the schools and the kids so that it's not always a bad thing when you see a police officer," Nichols said.