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Neenah Teacher Resigns After Photo Investigation

Heather Burke

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Neenah Teacher Resigns After Photo Investigation

CREATED Feb. 1, 2013

NEENAH, Wis.-- A second grade teacher in Neenah resigns after district leaders say she sent pictures of her students to a prison inmate with a violent past.

Neenah Police tell us the inmate is 33-year-old Eddie Sanders who is a convicted killer. The incident has left parents and the district in shock. They say the teacher was well-liked and the students loved her.

"It is scary, and I think they have to take it very serious," Jerry Ewig said, who has three grandchildren who go to Tullar.

A letter sent home to Tullar Elementary School parents notifies them that second grade teacher Christina Peerenboom sent pictures of her students to a prison inmate she claims is her friend.

Police say the inmate 33-year-old Eddie Sanders was a convicted of murder when he was 18.

"I'm not sure why she did it. We didn't ask why she would send them," Neenah Superintendent Mary Pfeiffer said.

Pfeiffer says in the package Peerenboom sent, the prison found class pictures with students' names.

In Sanders' cell, three more pictures were found of the class on a field trip and other group photos.

"She made very poor judgement in sending those pictures to an incarcerated individual and from my perspective could have placed our students in danger if those pitcures had been placed in the wrong hands," Pfeiffer said.

Peerenboom was put on paid leave for about three days this week, but resigned Thursday.

"Hopefully they pass it along wherever she applies for another teaching job and keep a close eye on her," Ewig said.

Neenah Police found no criminal wrong doing in this case, and the investigation is now closed.