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Sunday Snow Preparations

Allyson Byers

Sunday Snow Preparations

CREATED Jan. 27, 2013

GREEN BAY, WI -- The winter weather is in full force and snow plow crews and local stores have been preparing all day. Private plow companies are making sure their vehicles are loaded up and ready to go.

Not much makes David Berken happier than seeing snow in the forecast and with the mild winter happening in Green Bay, Berken is looking forward to this evening.

Any business is good business, whether it's an inch of snow or a tenth of inch of ice. It's something for us to go out and be able to pay our bills,” said Berken.

Bergen plows numerous commercial sites around the area, including St. Mary's hospital. With ice in the forecast, he's ready at a moment's notice.

"Especially on the hospital, we're going to be a little preventive side. With bad weather imminent we'll be out putting down some salt material prior to the nasty stuff,” said Berken.

Snow plow crews aren't the only ones preparing for the snow and ice conditions. It's a Sunday, so most hardware stores are closed early. This means a lot of people will be coming to the gas stations to stock up on bags of salt.

Employees at D.J. Convenience Store have salted its parking lot and restocked winter supplies. John Lagoo expects lots of customers this evening..

They're coming in filling up their gas tanks and buying lots of salt salt and windshield wash,” said Lagoo.

From gas stations to snow plows, everyone is keeping their eye on the storm.