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Cold Snap Coming

NBC26 Staff

Cold Snap Coming

CREATED Jan. 19, 2013

Northeast Wisconsin braces for a cold snap this weekend.

"It's been fairly reliable for at least a few perch," said ice fisherman David Spear.

Spear doesn't know which will snap first--the fish or the cold.

"This is nice now. It's getting windy. This afternoon it'll get cold. I figure we got 2-3 more hours of decent weather," said Spear.

Wind gusts could pick up to 50 miles per hour in most of Northeast Wisconsin Saturday night into Sunday. While temperatures will dip.

"Because we're used to this climate, we're ready 24-7, 365 days a year," said WPS spokeswoman Lisa Prunty.

Prunty tells us crews are on stand-by in case the wind or cold snaps power lines.

"If we have 10,000 customers out in our area we'll just continue to bring in crews from other areas. Whoever can come over. Sometimes we bring over 40 people from different areas. We also have crews in the U.P., and if we needed to call them they would come in as well," said Prunty.

WPS also wants to remind everyone to stay away from any downed power lines and report them immediately. They also advise to have a flashlight and batteries handy, in case you do lose power.

Treacherous travel can also be expected this weekend. Wet roads will freeze as temperatures plummet. Drivers are advised to take it slow.