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State of State: Democratic Response

Pavel Kofman

State of State: Democratic Response

CREATED Jan. 15, 2013

Wisconsin Democrats aren't sold after the governor's speech. Here's a response from State Sen. Dave Hansen (D) Green Bay.

“The Governor gave a good speech tonight. But it did little to hide the fact that he is failing miserably on the most important issue we are facing: job creation.

Under Governor Walker’s watch our state has fallen to 42nd in the nation for job creation. Only eight states are doing worse than Wisconsin and all of our neighbors are doing better.

Two years into his term we have seen less than 38,000 jobs created and that compares to the more than 30,000 jobs created during Governor Doyle’s last year in office alone and it leaves him 212,000 jobs short of his promise to create 250,000 jobs by 2015.

If he is sincere about working together and including all Wisconsin citizens in the dialogue instead of his continuing pattern of holding listening sessions by invitation only then perhaps he will have the opportunity to make good on his pledge.

But if his rhetoric is merely cover for continuing an agenda that favors the wealthy and corporations at the expense of our public education system, health care and community services then our state will continue to falter and our families will pay the price for it.”