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Packers Playoff Ticket Scams

Deandra Corinthios

Packers Playoff Ticket Scams

CREATED Jan. 8, 2013

GREEN BAY-APPLETON, WI--With the play-offs underway The Better Business Bureau is warning Packers fans to beware of  ticket scams. Where you buy your tickets and who you buy from could have some serious consequences.

Ticket brokers say with the stakes as high as they are in the playoffs ticket scammers will be more aggressive. But there are a lots of things you can do to ensure you don't get ripped off.

"I'm going to do my research and make sure I am getting tickets from someone I know, even a reputable broker" said said Packers fan, Andy Lehmkuhl.

"I usually go down there and pick them up personally" said Pakers fan, Larry Nielsen.

"Buy them direct from the stadium or someone I know who has the tickets" said another fan, Jessie Campbell.

All good tips from Packers fans says Susan Bach att the Better Business Bureau in Appleton. The BBB warns the most common scam--is being sold a  fake ticket if you're buying at the stadium, buy original tickets if you can instead of paper printed.

"It should have maybe a hologram, raised lettering" said Bach.

But there's more.

"It's really easy for a scammer to create what looks like a legitimate ticket broker websites" said Bach.

That means go with a company you know and always make sure the site starts with "https", "s" stands for "secure."

Look for trust links like the BBB or American Express to certify the site.

If you buy from Ebay or Craigslist. It can be hard to weed out scams with so many options. The BBB says choose a seller with a good history of satisfied customers or who will meet you personally to deliver the tickets.

And before you buy get proof the tickets are real.

"I would ask the seller to send me a picture of the tickets, look at the seating arrangements to verify those are actual real tickets" said Bach.

Ticket brokers say it's always best to pay with a credit card, that way your credit card company can protect you if you are a scam victim.