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Hunting/Trapping in State Parks, Decision Expected

Mike Conroy

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Hunting/Trapping in State Parks, Decision Expected

CREATED Dec. 11, 2012

MADISON, Wis.--A Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources meeting has been going on for hours in Madison Tuesday and may end up being the largest  meeting the State DNR Board has ever had with more than 60 people singing up in advance to speak.

The DNR presenting its recommendations for "if" and "where" hunting can take place in each state park.
The public meeting comes after lawmakers and state agencies noticed a general opposition to the "Sport Heritage Bill" among the estimated 2,000 letters and emails on the topic.

Some say the bill, due to go into effect in January, would make state parks unsafe for families.

The DNR is considering the negative comments and is recommending scaling back the measure to exempt about a third of parks and trails.